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Dr. Cynthia Lane 









Dr. Cynthia Lane is a professional ecologist, president of Lake Lily Ecology, founding associate of Serious about Science, and serves on The Rockies Institute board of Governors. She has conducted scientific research in the fields of vegetation ecology, plant and insect biology, endangered species habitat restoration and coastal dune gradients.  The results of this research have supported numerous publications.


Botanical Inventories

Throughout her career Dr. Lane has enjoyed serving as the lead botanist for projects in Western Canada, the Midwestern U.S., Panama and Puerto Rico.  She is adept at conducting vascular plant and lichen inventories – with recent collections of species new to science and North America.



Each monitoring program is customized to ensure data produced are scientifically defensible; while remaining cost-effective. Employing  this approach Dr.Lane has conducted numerous projects such as long-term wetlands monitoring to detect potential development impacts, lichen biomonitoring to detect air emissions, and biocontrol efficacy monitoring.


Land Use & Landscape Scale Planning

Dr. Lane offers innovative approaches and a unique expertise to inform land-planning initiatives. Projects include developing urban park restoration plans, synthesizing conservation data sets to identify key conservation areas  and designing a GIS-based urban planning tool to identify essential habitat restoration areas.  



Her education background provides her with both academic and applied skills: B.S. in Horticulture, minor in Botany; and a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology, minor in Forestry. Dr. Lane’s dissertation work focused on the population biology of an endangered butterfly and methods to restore its habitat.


For complete resume, including project examples, please contact Dr. Lane via the contact page.